• 【beer】

    • Super dry barrel raw

      (Tax excluded)

      "Asahi Super Dry Dry Dryer" sticking to the attention ◆ medium jug: 490 yen ◆ large mug: 860 yen ◆ glass: 390 yen ◆ bottle of beer (medium bottle): 590 yen

    • Super dry extra cold

      550 yen (excluding tax)

      Super dry with subzero (-2 ℃ ~ 0 ℃).A premium that only selected stores can offer.Taste with all of the five senses, to you an unprecedented super dry experience.

    • Asahi Dry Zero (beer-taste beverage)

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Dry throat and creamy foam ....Realize a dry drinking.Alcohol 0 (zero) / Calorie 0 (zero) / Carbohydrate 0 (zero)

  • 【wine】

    • Jean Jean Merlot

      Glass 390 yen (tax excluded)

      The fragrance of a ripe berry type which does not betray deep red color, and the scent like smoked meat are complicatedly mixed.The taste is mellow and the reverberation lasts long.Merlot 100% used.◆ Decanter (500ml) ... 990 yen (tax excluded)

    • Jean Jean Sauvignon Blanc

      Glass 390 yen (tax excluded)

      Bright golden color, scent like citrus freshness and white flowers.We use 100% Sauvignon Blanc.◆ Decanter (500ml) ... 990 yen (tax excluded)

    • Takn · Reserva Cabernet · Sauvignon

      2490 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a mellow red wine which felt vivid fruit like ripe plum or raspberry faintly with vanilla nuance.

    • Takun Reserva Chardonnay

      2490 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a refreshing citrus scent, it is a white wine with a dry taste while letting you feel the taste of tropical fruit.

  • 【plum wine】

    • Old-fashioned plum wine made by Grandma

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      (Rock · Soda split · Hot water split) Plum wine with slightly sweet taste that feels nostalgic like grandmother made.

  • 【High Bowl & Whiskey】

    • Classic! High Ball (Black Nicker Clear)

      390 yen

      The non-peat malt and the sweet grain whiskey are in harmony.Clear drinking comfort.

    • Ginger highball

      390 yen (excluding tax)
    • Cork highball

      390 yen (excluding tax)
    • [Whiskey] Black Nikka Clear

      330 yen (excluding tax)

      (Water split · rock · hot water split) Whiskey of familiar "uncle whale".It is drunk with a light fragrance using non-peat malt and a clear flavor.◆ Bottle (700ml): 3,500 yen

    • Refreshing refreshing! Citrus highball

      390 yen (excluding tax) -

      Fine commitment fruit juice We used fruit juice stuck to the production area and finished it into flavorful high ball.◆ Sushi Hibow of Sushi Juice from Tokushima Prefecture ◆ Setonai Lemon Juice's Honey Lemon High Ball ◆ Island of Tokunoshima Island Mandarin Oriental Mandarin Islands Mikan Island High Ball

    • <Bottle high ball>

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      【Please enjoy with middle whiskey as you like!】 ◆ Mitsuya Cider highball ◆ Intensive carbonation! Highball ◇ For substitute: middle whiskey 330 yen

    • [Freezing highball] Freezing highball

      430 yen (excluding tax)

      Freezing highball is a highball that can only be drunk at a shop that cooled to below freezing (-2 ℃ ~ 0 ℃) with a special dispenser.By making it below freezing, the impression of carbonation is also finer and brilliant, and the refreshing feeling stands out.

  • [Sake High sour]

    • <Let's taste Japan Local fruit sour>

      390 yen (excluding tax) -

      We made sour with delicious fruit throughout the country! Use fruit juice syrup made from the production area.◆ Enjoy a fragrant sour! ◆ Sushi Sour from Tokushima Prefecture's Sushi Juice ◆ White Peach Sour from Hakomi Juice from Yamanashi Prefecture ◆ Island Mandarin Sake from the Tokushinjima Island Kagoshima Prefecture Island Mandarin Soup ◆ Mango Sauce from Miyazaki Prefecture Mango Sourre from Miyazaki Prefecture ◆ Hokkaido Midori grape grape juice grape sour

    • <Lepont Sour from Seihei>

      (Tax excluded)

      【Various kinds of lemon sours appeared!】 ◆ Platinum lemon sour: 430 yen ◆ Lemon sour: 390 yen ◆ Honey lemon sour: 390 yen ◆ Honey lemon Calpis Sour: 390 yen ◆ Mitsuya Cider Lemon Sour: 430 yen ◆ Intensive carbonation! Lemon Sour: 430 yen 【For refill】 Lemon Sour Shochu 250 yen

    • <Standard Sour>

      390 yen (excluding tax) -

      ◆ Raw Milking Grapefruit Sour ◆ Kiwi Sawer of Kuwai Kiwi ◆ Honest with Hide Yuzu Yuzu Tea Yuzu Sour ◆ Umeboshi Sour ◆ Calpis Sour ◆ Melon Sour

    • <Tea split>

      390 yen (excluding tax) -

      ◆ Oolong High ◆ Green Tea High ◆ Black Oolong High

  • [Shochu]

    • Kana or wheat mixed · 25 degrees] (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 290 yen (excluding tax)

      "Scented distilled shochu" that lavishly extracts fragrance and rich flavor from fragrant brewed carefully and a soft drink shochu that gave several kinds of shochu.◆ Bottle 500ml: 1200 yen (excluding tax)

    • Gold · Black 【Potato · 25 °】 (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 350 yen (excluding tax)

      Use the whole amount "Golden Senju".From the usual, slowly adding time and effort to distilled distilled liquor realizes a rich texture and a clear aftertaste.◆ Bottle 900ml: 2600 yen

    • Ichiban 【potato · 25 degrees】 (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      I mean "stubborn people" in the spoken language of Minami Kyushu.Made with potato and potato malt only 【100% sweet potato】.Sweet smell of original sweetness and refreshing elegant taste

    • Satsuma Baoshan 【potato · 25 degrees】 (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      One tradition that becomes the standard of the purity of all the Baoshan series that has been handed down since its inception since 1845.Soft and sweet scent, heavy taste.◆ bottle 720 ml: 3000 yen

    • The best bid special 【Wheat shochu · 25 degrees】 (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 430 yen (excluding tax)

      Based on a refreshing fruity taste, blend shochu sake stored in oak barrel for whiskey.It is gorgeous aroma and mellow flavor.◆ bottle 720 ml: 2800 yen

    • Intellectual sword 【Wheat shochu · 25 degrees】 (water split · hot water split · lock)

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      "Intellectual sword" is Oita dialect "meaning hard".I am using domestic two-row barley and enjoy the original sweet smell and taste of wheat.◆ bottle 720 ml: 3000 yen

    • ~ Shochu bottle topping ~


      ◆ Water split set: Free ◆ Hot water split set: Free ◆ Ice (for lock): Free ◆ Additional water for split water: Free ◆ Additional hot water allocation hot water: Free ◆ Honey meal plum 2: 100 yen (excluding tax) ◆ lemon 1/8 × 4 off: 100 yen (tax excluded) ◆ Mineral water 500ml: 200yen (tax excluded) ◆ Intensive carbonation: 250yen (tax excluded) ◆ Tonic water bottle: 250yen (tax excluded)

  • 【Sake】

    • Kanzake

      (Tax excluded)

      It is dry and clean.Together with heat.◆ Kodori: 390 yen ◆ Great Buddhist: 590 yen

    • 【Cold wine】 Shochiku Mei gorgeous "raw"

      180ml: 530 yen (excluding tax)

      A light fragrance and a taste that does not get tired of drinking, which are drawn to the original freshness of sake liquor.

    • White wall warehouse sparkling "Mio (Mio)"

      150ml: 690 yen (excluding tax)

      Fruity aroma like Muscat, fluffy sweetness.

  • 【Cocktail】

    • <Standard cocktails>

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      ◆ Gin tonic ◆ Moscow deal ◆ Screwdriver ◆ Peach · Mango ◆ Coffee banana ◆ Fuzzy group ◆ Kalua · milk ◆ Regga · Punch ◆ Shandigaf ◆ Campari Soda ◆ Campari Orange ◆ Spumoni

    • <Super cassis>

      Each 450 yen (excluding tax)

      We use 100% of Noir de Bourgogne which is the highest species of cassis.It takes only good fruits from the stem and extracts the extract so it does not smell from the stem and there is the scent originally of cassis.◆ Cassis & Soda ◆ Cassis & Orange ◆ Cassis & Black Oolong Tea ◆ Cassis & Raw Grapefruit

  • 【Yogurt drink】

    • Mango juice from Miyazaki prefecture mango yoghurt

      490 yen (excluding tax)

      Mango juice from Miyazaki prefecture use

    • Grape yogurt of grape juice from Hokkaido Yoichi

      490 yen (excluding tax)

      Using grape juice from Yokado, Hokkaido

    • White peach yogurt of white peach juice produced in Yamanashi Prefecture

      490 yen (excluding tax)

      Using white peach juice from Yamanashi Prefecture

    • Kiwi Yogurt of New Zealand kiwi juice

      490 yen (excluding tax)

      Use of New Zealand kiwi juice

  • 【Fruity soda】

    • Mango soda from Miyazaki prefecture mango juice

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Mango juice from Miyazaki prefecture use.Luxurious soda using rich sweet mango juice and mango puree.

    • White peach soda of white peach juice produced in Yamanashi Prefecture

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Use of white peach juice from Yamanashi Prefecture.While it is rich, you can feel the sweetness of refreshing peaches firmly.

    • Setonai lemon juice honey lemon soda

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Seto Inland lemon juice use.A special lemon soda with a mellow sour and a refreshing scent.

    • Grape soda from Yoichi Hokkaido grape juice

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Use of grape juice from Yokado, Hokkaido.Luxury soda spreading rich fragrance of Yoichi Hokkaido grapes

    • Kiwi ginger jellyfish kiwi

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      A refreshing drink with kiwi cut into pieces.Ginger is working nicely.

    • Honesty Yuzu tea citron ginger

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Unlike other citrus fruits, it has a unique depth of scent.It matches ginger.

  • 【Float drink】

    • Melon cream soda (non-al)

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      Schwaszwa carbonic is delicious, standard cream soda.

    • Coffee jelly float (non al)

      390 yen (excluding tax)

      A combination of bittersweet coffee jelly and ice is exquisite.

  • 【Commitment 100% juice】

    • Commitment 100% Juice

      Each 350 yen (excluding tax)

      In the meantime, we are sticking to juice very much! Enjoy the taste of the whole juicy fruit that elicited their taste! ◆ Orange juice ◆ Apple juice ◆ Golden pine juice ◆ Mango blend ◆ Banana mix juice

  • 【Soft drink】

    • < Cold >

      180ml 230 yen (excluding tax) ~

      ◆ Oolong tea ◆ Green tea ◆ Coca · Cola ◆ Calpis water ◆ Ginger ale ◆ Black oolong tea ◆ Real gold 500ml decanter: 350yen (tax excluded) ~ ※ The decanter drink is by far the best in about 2 ~ 3 people! We will prepare.Please tell the store clerk.

    • <Bottle drink>

      250 yen (excluding tax)

      ◆ Mitsuya Cider

    • < Hot >

      (Tax excluded)

      ◆ Hot oolong tea: 290 yen ◆ Hot black oolong tea: 330 yen ◆ Hot jasmine tea: 330 yen ◆ Hot chocolate: 290 yen ◆ Hot tea ceremony: 290 yen

  • 【Kids' drink】

    • Elementary school student less ♪ Kids' drink

      Each 50 yen (excluding tax)

      ◆ Children's Calpis ◆ Children Orange Juice ◆ Children Apple Juice ※ Child Drinks are FREE!